Tuesday, 30 June 2009


"Two e-mail death threats were sent to Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat on Sunday, a day after police clashed with ultra-Orthodox demonstrators protesting the opening of a parking lot in the capital on Shabbat. "

You reserve the right to live according to your rules and maintain that I - who dont live by them - am outside your law? Fine. Be it. You wish to place yourself outside of the very society that you live in? This can, in theory be arranged as well, as far as Im concerned.

There has to be a deal though. You enjoy a lot of the things I and the rest of the secular society gives you. You enjoy the safety, the, mostly secular, army provides you. You also enjoy a long list of things that is being paid for by my taxes. Your roads, your schools, your telephone lines, the police, direct aid straight into your purse..etc

You are shameless free riders in every respect. You live in places for which secular soldiers paid for with their lives. You cant just claim its yours. You have to do something for it. Provide for yourselves then, if you disagree. You live off my hard earned money that I pay in taxes to you.

Jerusalem is not yours. Its ours together. Secular society lets you have your share of it, out of respect for you keeping Jewish traditions. Lets face it, you did and do nothing for that. Most of the hard work has always been done by the secular part of society. Learn to respect us, in return. We just want to come to Jerusalem on the weekend and spend money there. You object against that? You dont object against my money though when it comes through state aid. Its the same money.

Money is not the issue, you say ? We should keep the Sabath you say ? How exactly do you expect me to listen to you, if all I see is that you respond with violence and blackmailing whenever you are asked to compromise on something that is not to your liking.
You ask for a lot from me and the likes of me, what do you give me in return ? What have you ever given to me except for despising me, threatening me and occasionally throwing rocks at the likes of me.

My idea: move to Samaria! Set up your halachic state there together with the settlers. The army will move out of there, after all many of them are the sons of those who want to come to Jerusalem on Saturday and park their car.
You will be on your own. Set up your own country as you please, deal with the UN, Jordan, the Palestinians and Obama, in short the rest of the world, as you please. Do what Israel has done 60 years ago. Start from scratch. On your own.

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