Thursday, 24 April 2008

more boring stuff on economy

similar thoughts as to what i wrote about yesterday:

from the website:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008
The Greenback: Toward A New Monetary Policy

"As we transit to a world of resource depletion .. what is the proper monetary and currency regime? Clearly, not the existing fiat/credit currency, which depends entirely on financing present consumption by discounting future growth that may never occur..
Instead, I believe we should implement a monetary system that uses renewable, "green" energy as a benchmark.."

imagine.. for the sake of simplicity at an individual's level:
you would only be allowed to take on debt to buy a new car, if its either an environmentally friendlier one than the usual gas guzzlers, OR you can buy your gas guzzler if you can prove (somehow) that you saved energy somewhere else..
its not easy to imagine in practice, but the idea sounds good

why the hell do I care ?
im pretty sure we will destroy ourselves before we have the wisdom to stop

and im now also refraining from commenting on an acquaintance who despite living a single life (against her will most likely), having no family to carry around, using asphalt roads in 99.9% of the time is driving a 3ton 4x4 for reasons having to do with image and so on.. i wont comment. im refraining.
although i would love to ask her, "why do you keep destroying my planet? you could carry your fat ass around in a smaller car as well"
ok, i didnt refrain.

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